An open letter to a dear soul caught in transsexualism...

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There's been a discussion with a transsexual named "Phoebe" going on in another place on this blog, and just now I posted this comment there that I also want to post here for your (I trust) edification.

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Dear Phoebe,

Really, as others have said, the central issue is whether you are a follower of Jesus Christ and, therefore, a member of His Church? From that everything else flows, and in one of two directions—to Hell or to Heaven. By "follower" we mean "disciple" who is under the discipline of obeying everything He commands. His commands pertaining to the sexuality He gave us are particularly important for us to obey because sexuality is our very core. Nothing is more fundamental to God's creation of us than the sexuality He assigned us from our conception and to rebel against His gift is to repudiate His authority.

There are churches where you'll be accepted just as you aren't. To your face they'll be really sweet and try really really hard to overlook your deformities, acting as if everything is natural, so what's the biggie?

But what you really need and should want is a church where people don't accept you, but rather...

love you. You need a church that will be tender with your deformities while refusing to allow you to define yourself by those deformities. A church that will refuse to listen to the siren song of our wicked culture and will retain the knowledge of God that protects the knowledge of truth, that those who try to hide or eviscerate their sexuality are deformed psychologically and physically and spiritually. They will read Scripture and apply it, first to themselves and then to you. What a blessing it will be for the first time in your life for you to find real acceptance as you really, really, really are.

And to quote the Who: "Who are you, who who, who who? Now tell me who are you, you, you, you, you?"

You are just one more man with a sinful desire to escape the weight of your sex. Our world is full of them (or really, us). We come in all shapes and clothing and various degrees of disfiguration, from the teenager who pays for his girlfriend to murder their unborn child to the husband who abdicates his authority to his wife to the transvestite who turns tricks to the transsexual who turns body parts inside out to the twenty-something who lives with his girlfriend instead of marrying her to the pastor who teaches rather than preaches to the elder who spends his elder meetings talking about money and schedules and building use rather than planning which members of the congregation to exhort, which to admonish, which to discipline, and which to encourage; and so on. Again, what all these men have in common is that each of them is sinning by giving in to their desire to escape the weight of their sex.

So be of good cheer. You're just a normal twenty-first century man whose only oddity is that he carries his sinful attempts to escape the weight of his sexuality to a rather unusual degree of mutilating his body as well as his intimacy and leadership and spirituality. And as they can change, so can you. Remember our Lord (through His Holy Spirit) said, "Of such were some of you" and His condemnation of effeminacy in that text is a clear condemnation of abdicating fathers, adulterers, fearful pastors, fornicators, transsexuals, and lazy elders—although few of them recognize it, today.

Start by finding a truly Christian church that really loves you. Then obey God when that church is faithful to their Lord and calls you to repent of your sexual sin. Change your makeup. Change your drugs. Change your clothes. Change your name. Make jokes about yourself. And although it may seem impossible to you right now, if you are in Christ, it will be easy because He will have changed your heart.

If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation. Old things have passed away. Behold, all things are new!

Most of us on this blog commenting have committed terrible sexual sins, just like you. We have repented, often painfully and publicly, and we invite you to join our foolish and joyful band. It's the band of Jesus and it leads down the straight and narrow road to Heaven.

Dear sir, the Boys of Randy Shilts Band that Played On died and went straight to the Judgement seat of God. Will you flee the wrath to come? Will you flee to the shed blood of Jesus Christ given for fornicators and adulterers like you and me? May God give you the strength and humility and faith to do so.

With love in Christ,

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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