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On July 11-12 Doug Wilson, Tim Bayly, and Stephen Baker will be addressing what it means for ordinary Christians to confess Christ in the public square at the sixth annual Clearnote Summer Conference. What is the relationship between the church and the world? Or, more pertinently, church and state? What does it mean for us to honor the political authorities God has placed over us, and what does it mean to lawfully oppose wickedness in our society? Where do we face pressure to capitulate and where are we inclined to overstep our bounds? What does God require of us when it comes to engaging and shaping and transforming our culture? And what means does He give us to achieve those ends?

These are important questions for our time, and questions we hope to give thoughtful answers to in just a few weeks. In other words, the issue will be addressed from all sides at this conference. It's going to be worth your time...

There will also be very practical breakout sessions led by Max Curell, Jody Killingsworth, Joseph Bayly, Lucas Weeks, and yours truly dealing with everything from what it means to confess Christ in the arts to training your children to confess Christ to confessing Christ at the university. There will be a wonderful program (Camp Clearnote) for children ages 0-13. There will be lots of good food and time for fellowship. And there are plenty of families in Bloomington who are willing to host out of town guests to help reduce travel expenses.

If you need more convincing, click this link and read what I think is the most compelling reason to come to the conference.

But here's the deal: you are about to miss out on a fantastic deal. You have until this Sunday (June 15th) to register if you want to take advantage of our ridiculously low early bird pricing. At $50/adult and $15/child your whole family can come to our summer conference for the price of one adult at most major conferences. And that price includes meals.

So don't be lazy. Don't put it off. Head over to our website and sign up right this minute. Get out your wallet, click this link, and then follow the instructions. Reserve your spot and do it at the best possible price. Like, now.

Jake Mentzel

Jake has served as a pastor at Clearnote Church since 2010. He also teaches systematics at Clearnote Pastors College and Athanasius College. In his spare time, he leads Warhorn Media.

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