Dick Lugar, Bryan Chapell, and Jack Collins...

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Although our good Gov. Mitch Daniels endorsed him, I'm pleased Senator Richard Lugar lost the primary last night. It was time for new leadership.

Speaking of new leadership, the PCA's Covenant Theological Seminary has moved former president Bryan Chapell over to the position of Chancellor and is searching for a new president. You can count on Bryan's stint as Chancellor being quite short before he moves on to another institution.

Sadly, I fear this leadership change has strengthened the hand of Covenant's faculty...

Where reform of a seminary is needed (and it's very much needed at CTS), an emboldened faculty is almost never good. Nevertheless hope springs eternal and I suggest longtime fellow presbyter and acting president Mark Dalbey take the opportunity he's been presented to fire OT prof Jack Collins.

My former denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA), has a place just up the road in Chicago called McCormick Theological Seminary where Jack's shilling for evolution would fit perfectly.

Assuming Bryan and Jack are both gone in the coming year, about a third of Covenant's reform will have been accomplished. Pray that the trustees will hire a man with Biblical commitments who is humble and fears God enough to cut off Covenant's promotion of Tim Keller and fire two or three faculty members.

(TB: Disclaimer: the above declarations are my own and are not to be construed as reflecting the views of my brother David, PCA denominational officials, MTW's Paul Kooistra, Covenant Theological Seminary's Board of Trustees, or presbyters of Central Indiana Presbytery. Smile.)