Coming up Wednesday...

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This Wednesday Baylyblog's new design will go live. To help with the transfer we'll be shutting down comments for a day or so, likely starting Tuesday evening. So if you run into problems commenting Tuesday night or Wednesday, please be patient.

The work that's gone into the new design has been heavy since we're not simply switching from one blogging software to another--TypePad to WordPress, for instance. Baylyblog is being transformed into a site running on the open source content management platform, Drupal.

There are a number of features this will allow, but search is the big winner...

For years we've not been able to have the majority of Baylyblog's content available to readers because of TypePad's' absolute page limitation of fifty posts. So if a particular subject has three hundred posts, only the most recent fifty have been accessible. The only way around this is the Google search box, but that's so basic as to be of limited use.

Drupal will allow readers access to every post; but better, it will allow searches that drill down into the content as far as the reader wants by keyword, subject, date, etc.

There are other great benefits Drupal and our designers are giving us, but we'll let you check it out in a couple days.

We're excited and very, very thankful to Joseph Bayly, Ben Crum, and Lucas Weeks who have done tons of work designing the new site and assuring the safe transfer of 3,953 posts, 30,994 comments, who knows how many images and PDFs, and 6,449,098 words. May God bless you, men.