Apostle Paul, trouble-maker...

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This received from a pastor Saturday night helped me much in the work of the pulpit Lord's Day morning. (TB)

I was studying for my sermon tomorrow and read Calvin's commentary on Acts 17:6 where Paul is falsely accused of being a trouble-maker...

in Thessalonica. Calvin says, in part:

And the Lord meant by their example to teach us, that we must not give place to slanders and false reports; but we must stand stoutly in maintaining the truth, being ready to hear evil for things done well. Wherefore, away with the perverse wisdom of some, who, to the end they may escape false slanders, cease not to betray Christ and his gospel through their treacherous moderation, as though their good name were more precious than Paul's and such like, yea, than the sacred name of God, which is not free from blasphemies.

I found this to be very encouraging to my faith as I prepared to do the work of preaching, and I pray that it will be an encouragement to you as well. It is oh so tempting and easy to be very moderate in what we say so that nobody is ever offended by our words. And if nobody is offended, nobody will bother to falsely accuse us. But let us remember that it is God's truth that we are to proclaim, so let us do it with clarity and boldness rather than "treacherous moderation", trusting Him to protect us and to produce fruit from our labors.