A sermon from a dying man to dying men...

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Is Holiness Possible Today (With a Warning from Esau)

Along with a number of other dear brothers (Ron Scates, Gary LeTourneau, Jim DeCamp, Terry Schlossberg, Ben and John Sheldon), my friend Rev. Marty Radcliffe continues to languish in the heretical PC(USA). Pray for him. Marty was a godly encouragment to me in the work of the ministry back in the early eighties when we both were ordained and served within the PC(USA)'s John Knox Presbytery up in Wisconsin.

Marty just commented under the post, "Death of an eighteen-year-old brother...," that he'd recently listened again to my Dad's final sermon given from the pulpit of College Church in Wheaton a few weeks before he died. After Dad's death, I had three-hundred cassettes of this sermon duplicated and sent them out to many friends.

This is the sort of preaching almost completely absent from the PCA and other conservative Reformed circles today. And it's tragic. Out of fear of being labelled a "pietist" by godless hypocrites who persecute those pursuing the sanctification without which no man will see God...

we preach to the mind rather than the conscience, and we never ever call our flocks to holiness or warn them to flee the wrath of God.

Well, if you want to reconnect with the generations before us who feared God rather than pandering to the baptized members of the upper class who have left their Baptist roots behind; if you hunger after preaching that aims at the heart and conscience, I encourage you to listen to Dad's final sermon on Hebrews 12: Is Holiness Possible Today (With a Warning from Esau). And by the way, feel free to link and download and distribute this sermon in any way you think best. This blog isn't for money, but for God. Did you know Martin Luther refused to take money for his writing--any of it? (TB)



Tim Bayly

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