Listen to my inspiration...

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 01 Wake Up Sleeper

With me, as you start your work today listen to the title track from Good Shepherd Band's latest EP, Wake Up Sleeper. Then move on to the next cut, Where Are the Persecuted:

02 Where Are the Persecuted_

I'll say this: it's impossible for me to separate the work I do from the strength God gives me for that work through the music and worship leadership of these men. Think of our pastors preaching sermons written with this music playing as we read, study, pray, and write our sermons. God bless you, sons of Asaph!

And by the way, here's my own fav...

03 Hiding Place

Finally, this old, old one...

04 Rock of Ages

I lied. Sitting here listening as I write, this one to end on:

06 The Son of God Goes Forth to War

And that progression's what I write my sermons to... (TB)