"Important fantasies we can escape to..."

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(Tim) With sincere apologies to all the wee ones and their mothers, I think Disneyworld is too similar to hip preachers with full-service video venues to take the children for a visit. Really, do you want Disney's moral and spiritual authority to accrue to our Evangelical/Emergent theme parks?

Taryn Simon is a photographer...

who's a Guggenheim Fellow and has had her work shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She's been working on photographing secret workings and hidden places. Recently she tried to get backstage at Disneyworld but she found the doors locked. Ms. Simon reports (in 2/2011 Wired, p. 60):

Disney denied me access to its undergound facilities. Considering all of the high-level, off-limit areas I was entering for this work. it was one of the last places I anticipated being barred from. That said, the company's faxed letter was far better than any photograph I could have taken. Its closing read, "Especially during these violent times, I personally believe that the magical spell cast on guests who visit our theme parks is particularly important to protect and helps to provide them with an important fantasy they can escape to."