A primer on the R2K novelty, with a note on Servetus...

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(Tim) If Baylyblog readers have not been warned off the R2K novelty yet, check out this detailed critique of R2K by Pastor Nelson D. Kloosterman of Community United Reformed Church here in Schererville, Indiana. Also this R2K critique by Pastor Steven Wedgeworth. Finally this post and comments by Pastor Wedgeworth following up on his critique and answering some objections.

Way down in the comments, an exchange occurs between Doug Wilson and Darryl in which, several times, Doug raises the spectre of the wholesale slaughter of unborn children in these United States. Yet Darryl never seems able to look full in the face of the obscene bloodthirstiness of the modern secular state from which he takes such comfort and security.

Imagine the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition...

and join Darryl in patting yourself on the back for the end of religious warfare and persecution we enjoy today in our enlightened secular state.


During the years of the Spanish Inquisition, at most 3,000 victims died while 3,500 little babies are slaughtered each day in these United States--week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade.

As we've mentioned before, in order for R2K's novelties to gain adherents, it's necessary that no one give a moment's thought to the religious materialists' oppression that has engulfed us in rivers of babies' blood. We live in the most oppressive, bloodthirsty, murderous regime the world has ever known, but Darryl and his R2K friends have this idea that the modern secular nation state is so much better than Calvin's Geneva or the Pope's Spain during the Spanish Inquisition because we're enlightened concerning religious liberty and we don't kill people for the sake of our religious convictions.

But who's ever listened to an unborn baby's lament after he was aborted? He's absolutely and permanently silenced, isn't he? Fifty million of these little ones have been murdered in these United States. A billion have been silenced worldwide during the past couple of decades, but not one of them has ever spoken of the pain and suffering of his death throes.

Darryl Hart comes on here to shame John Calvin over Servetus centuries later, but pray tell, who's shaming Darryl Hart himself over the one billion slaughtered babies who are only some of the victims of the religious persecution perpetrated by the modern secular state?