"If you think of it like a person, you're going to make yourself depressed..."

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(Tim, w/thanks to Mark) This is what the New York Times can carry on its editorial page while most of the hip and feckless preachers of Reformia are mute--in the safe privacy of our pulpits, even! "Dead babies? Who? Where? When? I don't see any. Lord, when have I seen you unwanted?"

American's love/hate relationship with unborn babies is heart-wrenching. Read this oped piece. You simply must. It's about the most accurate snapshot of abortion in America you could ever get in three short minutes. Then think what your pastor hasn't writen and at your next session meeting ask him why not?

He could have written something about God being a Father to the fatherless and hating the bloodshed of innocents. Every paper in the country could be barraged by tender and heart-wrenching oped pieces submitted by Reformed pastors and elders and deacons and Titus 2 women, but...

We simply don't care. We're pro-life and we don't give a pitchfork of horseshit.

Maybe you found that word offensive? If so, why don't we find the silence of God's people and servants concerning the wholesale slaughter of the unborn offensive? Here we are, swimming in the body parts and blood of millions upon millions of unborn babies, and we're squeamish about words associated with excrement?