PCA pastor calls for more state control over home...

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(Tim) As I've mentioned before, one of the most important journals for elders, pastors, and Titus 2 women to read as we shepherd God's flock and our own families is the Howard Center's "Family in America." (Full disclosure: my longtime friend, Bob Patterson, edits the journal.)

In order to live and lead "wise as serpents and harmless as doves," we should spend time studying our culture. There's no issue pastors, elders, deacons, fathers, and mothers of covenant children should study more carefully than the interface between the church, her families, and the civil magistrate--an area of the public square commonly referred to as family policy.

Recently, a friend of mine who's stated clerk of Central Indiana Presbytery (PCA) wrote an oped piece for his local paper calling for more review and discipline of homeschoolers by state government:

What do we do with home schools?

Leave them alone? Regulate them? Ban them?

...So I ask: is it in the interests of the state, to keep an eye on this? I say yes....

Some oversight and regulation seems reasonable. This might include submission of a curriculum, occasional visits and participation in the standardized tests. Yes, this addition to our bureaucracy will cost money, but how does that compare to what we pay for a lifetime of dependency?

...Let's not stick our heads in the sand about what is happening or what could happen. We can value freedom and urge responsibility.

Hello, legislators. Anybody ... home?

If this may be taken as an indication of the training my friend received at Covenant Theological Seminary concerning the interface between God's covenant people and the civil magistrate, it's little wonder Christian parents who live with their eyes open live in increasing fear of Child Protective Services kidnapping their covenant children.

As I've often warned, the modern state moves in the direction of totalitarianism in relation to any competing authorities, and this is particularly true of mediating institutions like the home and the church. In the past couple of years, our church families have been visited by Child Protective Services three times. And without warrant. This will only increase as Christians continue to follow Christ while the civil magistrate goes the way of Hillary Clinton's nanny state promoted in her book, It Takes a Village.

It takes a village? Actually, no: that village is a gang or a group home.

What it really takes is a home. It takes a father and mother. It takes God and the natural sovereigns He's put over sons and daughters--Papa and Mama.

Those authorities that undermine or remove the authority of fathers and mothers by transferring their authority to the state are rebels against God.

So how is this transfer going forward and what arguments are being used to promote it to voters and their pastors?

Read "The Family in America" and learn what you need to know to lead and teach and shepherd your fathers, mothers, and children.

For starters, here's a good article Bob wrote titled, "Fiscal Conservatism Is Not Enough: What Social Conservatives Offer the Party of Lincoln."