A pastor's wisdom on the Ground Zero mosque...

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(Tim) One of the many things about our culture that seduces me to despair is the utter vacuity of political comment--of course in the Times and both Posts; but sadly often in World and Christianity Today, also. There's little light, and only salt replacement. None of the real thing for fear of high blood pressure.

If you'd like a quick glimpse at the sort of thing American political commentary used to be full of, but never says today, check out this post by Doug Wilson on the building of the mosque near Ground Zero. It has the sort of wisdom a pastor steeped in the Word of God and prayer should bring...

to the world day after day, until his voice is silenced. And then we should all mourn that he is gone and can instruct us no more.

Here's a teaser:

Someone really does need to tell secularist America that her gods are

genuinely pathetic. And currently, the Muslims are doing this because

the Christians won't. And the Christians who won't do this are not so

much in need of a different kind of theology as they are in need of a

different kind of spine.