Final thoughts on the 2010 PCA General Assembly

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(David) Here are the miscellaneous unexpressed thoughts still rattling around my brain weeks after the end of the 2010 General Assembly. In no particular order....

  • Joey Pipa should be made president of Covenant Seminary. This is, of course, a two-fer. Seminarians could learn a great deal from the example of Joey rising again and again to do battle on the floor of GA, losing each time, yet maintaining his graciousness and equanimity in the face of defeat. It would be good for Covenant for Joey to be its president. It would be good for the PCA. And it would probably even be good for Joey to live north of the Mason-Dixon line.
  • Hurrah for PCA pastor Travis Hutchinson. Among the many important points Travis made on the floor of General Assembly was the point he was ruled out-of-order for bringing up, that there is a culture of entitlement, even greed, in the PCA. Praise God for Travis having the courage to suggest this. And, Travis, you should know that it's always out-of-order to speak of others' money in public. Jesus would never do such a thing, would He?
  • I'm increasingly convinced that the love of money is the root of all evil in the PCA--and I most definitely include myself in this indictment.
  • Someone should gently inform Ligon Duncan that when he's engaging in dialogue with a man wearing Bozo sneakers while dressed in pinstripes and wingtips himself, the person being played for a clown isn't the one wearing the sneakers.
  • I'm inclined to view the debate over Federal Vision which culminated in the 2007 GA adopting the ad interim report on Federal Vision as having proven a negative turning point in the life of the PCA despite having attended GA that year specifically to vote for the report. It wasn't the TRs who won that battle, it was the BRs. And ironically, the BR's are probably even more enamored of Bishop Wright than the FVs.
  • Finally and tragically, the surest sign of a losing position at GA is when its proponents argue from Scripture. Quoting from God's Word on the floor of General Assembly is the sign of a desperate man. Only when every personal appeal and procedural maneuver is exhausted does the Bible occasionally come out.