Mexican drug cartels and John Eldredge...

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(Since publishing this post, I've realized some of our readers may never have heard that John Eldredge opposes Scripture at key points in his writing. So, I'm adding several links here (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven) as a warning to our readers not to be snookered into buying Eldredge's books or listening to his false teaching. Many have been harmed by him and there's no need for any others to fall into the trap.)

Eldredge is likely the most popular proponent of the heresy known as

open theism. (He) is not a trustworthy teacher of the Word

of God. While he presents an attractive message and often does so in an

attractive way, much of the content simply does not line up with

Scripture. He denies many of the truths orthodox believers have long

held to. I do not recommend his books and encourage you to exercise

extreme caution when dealing with his teachings.  -Tim Challies

(Tim) Speaking of the perversion of Biblical male sexuality sold in books like Wild at Heart (see final comment under "Sacred Swooning" post), the most recent New Yorker has a piece on the murderous drug cartels displacing the rule of law in much of Mexico. The article delves deeply into one relatively recent cartel known as La Familia, reporting that La Familia's leader, El Chayo or El Mas Loco (the Craziest), "is inspired... it has been reported, by the muscular Christianity of John Eldredge...

an American evangelist whose self-help best-seller Wild at Heart is reportedly studied, in Spanish translation, at La Familia training camps."

La Familia is known for "corpse messaging," killing men and leaving them in a public place where they're sure to be found and messages painted on their corpses like these read: "So that they learn to respect," "You get what you deserve," and simply "Talked too much."

If you weren't aware, Eldredge is awful and his fruit is worse. Warn those under your care to avoid him completely.