Why no free MP3s of the NASB, ESV, NLT, and HCSB?

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(Tim) Evangelical publishers would do well to offer free digital MP3 files of their Bibles to facilitate memorization. Free MP3s of the KJV are widely available, while other Bible publishers are earning good royalties off these audio files that cost little to nothing to serve on the web, nor do they need to be printed or shipped. The NASB95 is about

the least expensive of contemporary versions at $20-30 for the

entire Bible in MP3...

(The price varies by how many copies you buy.)

Bible publishers could go to a free (or suggested donation) policy for MP3 Bibles, looking to cover initial production and server costs, only. They've already earned good royalties from the sale of multiple hard copies of their Bible to anyone who wants an MP3 copy, so why not build goodwill by charging only a nominal amount for the MP3s?

I'd encourage readers to write the publisher of the version of Scripture they use, requesting they

make God's Word freely (or suggested donation) available in MP3 files. And if you hear back from them, please post their response here. Thanks.