President Obama's a pretty legitimate, you know, person...

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(Tim) Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak told a reporter the White House offered him a position up near the top in the Obama administration if he'd withdraw from the primary where he was trying to unseat Dem. Senator Arlen Specter. Republicans are saying the White House broke the law with the offer and the press asked Rep Sestak for a statement about the mess. Here's how the Washington Post reported...

that statement:

Sestak declined to say whether the alleged job offer was inappropriate

and defended Obama's integrity. "I think the president's a pretty

legitimate, you know, person."

He could have said "legitimate" but he went and spoiled it all with "pretty legitimate." As in "pretty good" and "pretty nice."

And what's with the "you know?" I mean, like, you know? I don't get it.

Honestly, it's like so kinda there and kinda not there--both at the same time. What I wouldn't give for one of my daughters to say she thinks her Dad is "a pretty legitimate, you know, person." They'd find me shame-faced and blubbering under the couch.