Michael Spencer, 1956-2010.

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(Tim, w/thanks to Kamilla) Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, has passed from this life to the next. We grieve with his wife, Denise, and the many who were strengthened in holiness and faith by his ministry.

* * *

A Psalm about the Shortness of Life

I said
O Lord
let me end the work
You gave to me to do.

So much
must yet be done
before the dark
so little time
before I’m home.

You are eternal
a thousand years to You
is but a passing day.
You scatter ages
I hoard my hours.
Please understand
my need for time
to do Your will
complete my job.

I understand
He said
I do
I only had
three years
of days

and I was through.

- Joe Bayly