Of trees and marriage...

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(Tim) This from David Wegener who teaches church history, theology, and Scripture at the Theological College of Central Africa under the PCA's Mission to the World. Terri is David's wife and John his son.

* * *

Many days in our rainy season follow a pattern. It is very hot and sunny during the day but toward late afternoon, the sky clouds over and we will have an evening rainstorm. On December 10th it was a little different.

Terri came into my room around 5:30pm and asked if I wanted to let Mr. Robby go home early so he could beat the rain. As I walked outside, Robby was rushing around. I asked if he wanted to go home now and he said he thought he’d stay.

I could tell why. The rain had already started and something sounded like a train coming from over our back fence...

That was the storm. Pretty soon the rain was pelting down violently, hail was hitting our roof and the wind was blowing with gale force.

John and I watched out our front window as the power lines snapped and came down crackling. A tree went down and would have crashed through our front fence but another tree "caught" it.

All of us did our fair share of sweeping and John did a lot of chopping the next day. Mr. Robby told us when a Kaonde (his tribe) man thinks he is ready to marry, the elders give him a field to clear of trees. If he can do it, he is said to be ready to marry. Mr. Robby says that John is now ready to marry, at least to marry a Kaonde woman.