Boston Herald: "A revolution begins..."

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(Tim) Just posted, this editorial from the Boston Herald:

It was - for the second time in

Massachusetts history - the shot heard round the world, or at the very

least from coast to coast and surely in the halls of Congress.

Scott Brown won this one fair and square with his down-to-earth

charm, his hard work and his forthright position on issues - and with

the help of that much-disparaged by the opposition pick-up truck.

But it is also true that Brown was the right candidate at the right

time with the right message. And it’s that message that the White House

and congressional Democrats can no longer ignore. After all, if the

people of Massachusetts can send a Republican to the U.S. Senate to

fill the seat Ted Kennedy had a lock on for 47 years, then the

revolution has indeed begun.

Not trusting in horses and chariots (and certainly not the Republican Party), as a former resident of the Bay State who worked for a couple years for the only other man who came close to taking this seat from Ted Kennedy (Si Spaulding), I view tonight's defeat of the Kennedy legacy as God's kindness to us.

Reading a review of Chadwick's just-released bio of Augustine earlier this evening...

I was thinking how often God's grace is shown by a turn of history man does not deserve. Were the Lord not merciful, every one of our choices would be damnable and issue in utter destruction.

And now this defeat of President Obama and his party of perversion in the state where it seemed most secure--almost as if it reigned from on high.

Once again, we learn that God is good. Let us thank him for this mercy.