Oh, the Logos Yuletide largesse....

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Logos(David) Logos Bible Publishers has a "12 Days of Logos" Christmas extravaganza going. Among the crazy-making specials is this: Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol for $0.95.

But, sadly, if you missed the discounted price on December 9, you're back to Logos's undiscounted price of $4.95.

For a public domain book! In electronic format! I suspect if Logos could charge for the air you breathe while running their program they'd do so without the slightest compunction.

But hope and generosity spring eternal in the human breast, at least when it comes to Scrooge in the public domain, and for those still needing an electronic version of A Christmas Carol, you can find it free in ebook format via Project Gutenburg here, free in audio format here, free in an illustrated and annotated scholarly version here. In fact, just about the only place on the internet where a price is being charged for an electronic version of A Christmas Carol is Logos Publishing. I wonder what creative additions Logos has made to the text that would allow their version not to be considered within the public domain itself?