"I am the mother of aborted children--four to be exact..."

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(Tim, w/thanks to Michal) Our daughter, Mrs. Ben (Michal) Crum, forwarded this article from Relevant. It's a good piece to pass on to your youth leaders and college ministers.

Michal pointed out this line where the article's author, a Christian woman who murdered four of her unborn children, says this about the church's witness against abortion, today...

"I want to be a voice in a place that seems to be literally deathly silent—the Church."

Did you ever consider that our Lord was an unborn child? While still in His mother's womb, Jesus' presence was so clear to John the Baptist that he leapt for joy. In his own mother's womb, that is.

Two children swimming in their mother's amniotic fluid, fulfilling their respective callings given by God the Father: Jesus being worshiped and adored and John worshiping and adoring.

We can stop our church from being deathly silent about abortion by proclaiming these simple truths during this Advent season. From the pulpit. In our sermons.

We can choose at long last to contextualize. To be missional. To preach gracefully. We can choose finally to open our mouths and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.