Does the Indiana Supreme Court consider the First Amendment helpful? Pertinent? Binding?

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(Tim, w/thanks to a brother) Wondering if and where there are violations of the First Amendment in these United States? Look no further. Here's an entirely believable account of the method used to bar Roman Catholic attorney Bryan Brown from practicing law in the state of Indiana. If even partially true, this is a sordid tale. But I'm betting it's all true being quite similar to accounts I've heard privately of intimidation and persecution for the Faith.

Seeking to evaluate Brown's psychological fitness, representatives of the Indiana Supreme Court asked him these questions:

Do you believe that you should be punished

for your sins?

Do you believe the husband should be the head of the


Do you have strong political opinions?

Do you believe that a

multitude of people are involved in sexual sins?

Have you ever had a


Tim Sudrovech, Clinical

Director of JLAP--an arm of the Indiana Supreme Court's Indiana Board of Law Examiners--concluded that Brown's

religious zeal “suggests a sub-clinical level of bipolar disorder

which would warrant further consideration by a psychiatrist.”

The Indiana Supreme Court's Indiana Board of Law Examiners then required Brown to be examined by Indianapolis psychiatrist Elizabeth Bowman and Bowman concluded Brown was sick.

In the head.

Brown has responded by filing a lawsuit this week in U.S. District Court in Fort Wayne.

If even the smallest part of this account is true, it indicates Hoosier attorneys have been asleep at the wheel for at least a decade, now. Such violations of basic civil rights don't pop up out of nowhere and nothing.