Save your church (or school) money...

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(Tim) If you're looking for excellent furnishings for your sanctuary or

classrooms and you want to get them at rock-bottom prices, here's a



bought our chairs from Save Your Church Money, a business started by

Pastor George Kreger who serves New Hope Community Church in Bryan,

Ohio. George and my brother, David, are longtime friends and David

suggested we get in touch with George.

We did.

And now, a couple years later, we are as

pleased as we can be with our chairs. They're very comfortable. But as

an old church custodian, I'm most impressed by how well they stack and

what a small space they fit into...


George started Save Your Church Money

to--don't laugh--save his own church money...

But now, what he did

for his own church is saving lots of other churches money, too. Check his

work out and tell him the Bayly brothers sent you.

A brochure published by our chair company, ComforTek, used several pics of our chairs in our sanctuary. The pic was taken by our own Lucas

Trout who does freelance photography, video, and design work. His wife,

Ali, is our most-excellent church secretary.

By the way, our chairs are at the bottom of this page: transitional, upholstered, with arms.


Anyhow, if you need chairs or other furnishings for your church, go ahead and...

Save Your Church Money!