Nationalized healthcare and abortion: just say "No"...

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(Tim, w/thanks to Mark) Lest there be any doubt in the

matter, I'm absolutely opposed to any expansion of the authority and

power of our national government in the lives of citizens of our united

states. And this is particularly true with regard to what is being

referred to as national healthcare. The national healthcare we need is

CPR for the Tenth Amendment--not President Barack Obama forcing

believers in Jesus Christ to send our taxes to him so he can pay for

someone else's daughter to slaughter her unborn child or intimidate someone else's

son into pulling the plug on his aging mother.

If you want to read the

definitive work on national healthcare and where it will lead us...


me $12.50 ($10 for the book and $2.50 for postage and handling) and

I'll mail you a copy of my Dad's novel, Winterflight, written

waaaay back in 1976 and about as prescient as it could be concerning

where our country was headed. (Make checks payable to Tim Bayly and

mail them to me at Church of the Good Shepherd, 2501 South Endwright

Road, Bloomington, Indiana 47403.)

If you haven't yet, do get a

copy and read it. Then loan it out to as many people as

possible--particularly the Emergent types asleep at the wheel and still

admiring their own good taste and enlightened thinking in having voted

for a black man.

Meanwhile, here's a good article from today's

New York Times showing all's not well in the debate over abortion

coverage in our nationalized healthcare.