Metro New York Presbytery's response to Judicial Complaint...

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(Tim) Presbyteries release draft minutes a few weeks after their meetings, but those minutes aren't official until approved at their next meeting. Here is the record of Metro NY's May 9, 2009 response to the Judicial Complaint filed against it. If you haven't yet read the complaint, you'll want to. It provides a perfectly efficient education on the failures of Metro NY Presbytery, her flagship church, Redeemer, and churches around the country following them in their promotion of woman officers. (Clicking that link downloads the HTML for Redeemer's "Officer Nominations" page, documenting that woman deacons are called "officers" in Redeemer's web pages--as they also are in her Newsletter and Officer Nomination Form.

Please keep two things in mind: first, that these minutes await final approval at Metro NY's upcoming September 11, 2009 meeting; and second, that another Judicial Complaint has now been filed against Metro NY Presbytery...

with the Standing Judicial Commission of General Assembly.

...TE Lovelace brought the Complaint to the floor for discussion and action. Two Teaching Elders [a former pastor on staff at Redeemer Presbyterian Church and Metro NY Presbytery's Stated Clerk] and three Ruling Elders brought the Complaint against the March 13, 2009 action of this Presbytery in the adoption of the resolution on possible formations of the Deaconate in churches of this presbytery. The complaint was received by the Clerk on April 10, 2008, within the 30 days prescribed by BCO 43-2. (See attached Complaint). After much discussion and the amendment of an initial motion, the final motion carried:

MSC that Metropolitan New York Presbytery respond to the Complaint by adopting Amend # 1, and only # 1, namely rescinding the resolution concerning the diaconal ministry passed at the March 13, 2009 meeting together with a pastoral plea to the complainants to withdraw the Complaint as this Presbytery pledges in good faith to discuss the paper of the Deaconate and matters raised in the Complaint; and that Presbytery direct the Facilitating Team to appoint a Committee to lead a discussion on these matters.