It can all be traced back to your daughter's Facebook page...

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(Tim, w/thanks to Mark C.) If the truth that God hates divorce is not enough for you, here's something that may stiffen your resolve. A ten-year-old home schooled girl whose parents are divorced has been ordered to go to government school and the order has been approved by Judge Lucinda V. Sadler for this reason:  "(the child's) vigorous defense of her religious beliefs to [her] counselor suggests strongly that she has not had the opportunity to seriously consider any other point of view." Of course, her "religious beliefs" considered by the court to be a threat to her well-being are Christian.

Why are the courts making this decision about a ten-year-old girl?

Because her parents are divorced. There's a lesson, here.

This isn't just a good reason to avoid divorce; it's also a good reason never to date, let alone marry, an unbeliever. Government is not growing in its respect for the family, for the sphere sovereignty of father and mother over their children.

Dad, for decades your daughter has been able to have an abortion against your will and without your knowledge. If the courts allow your daughter to murder your granddaughter, we should expect them to busy themselves murdering your daughter's soul in other ways, too--say, for instance, by taking her at the tender age of ten and introducing her to idolatries they call "other points of view."

Thank our Father that the Alliance Defense Fund is going after the case.

Dear dads and moms, I can't emphasize strongly enough your duty to your children, to lead them to hate their sin and love our Savior, and then to guard their precious souls. And few things will test your faith and resolve more than working with them in their selection of a marriage partner, as well as every single step leading up to that all-important decision.

If you're not praying about that right now, while your child yet remains in the womb of his mother; if you're not aware of the Facebook friends of your teenage daughter, and what she says to them; if you're about to hand your daughter over to an unbelievers in holy matrimony; then you are not a loving father. Your daughter may call you "Daddy" and kiss you goodnight, but but you've failed to earn that title of trust and expression of tender affection.

Pray, repent, and get to work, my dear brother.

* * *

Speaking of Facebook...

Please don't take the above as any endorsement of Facebook. My most excellent son, Taylor, is almost seventeen and he's been forbidden Facebook for a number of weeks, now. In fact, he won't be on it for several more months. Still, he's submissive and cheerful, God bless him! Why not try out your own son's or daughter's submission muscles and give them a break from Facebook, too?

While we're on the subject...

My friend David Wegener told me last night that one of his seminary (TEDS) profs is a leader of the Emergent Church movement. I asked, "What's his name?" and David responded, "Scott McKnight."

"Really? He friended me last week and I approved it. I didn't know who he was. What on earth did he friend me for?" I asked.

Out of his magnificent beneficence, David responded.

And I thought he really wanted to be my friend.