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BoxBashII In just a few short weeks, Church of the Good Shepherd will be hosting our second annual community event, THE BOX BASH II. Last year's carnival and concert hosted people from all over Bloomington and even a few out-of-state visitors. Among the many highlights were the Giant Moon Bounce for the children, the now famous Pastor Dunk Tank (of course, everyone got in on this), and the multifariously talented Good Shepherd Band playing everything from Bob Dylan to Arcade Fire. The food, the fun, the friendships being formed--all of it was a great success.

We're exuberantly awaiting Saturday, June 13th at 2 PM for another chance to get to know and serve our community. If you're in the area or want to come for a visit, join us! We're sure you'll enjoy yourself and everyone else. And if you like, we could find you a place to sleep Saturday night so you could stay for worship and the home fellowship group of your choice Sunday morning and afternoon.