Gratitude for recent comments made here by our wives and daughters...

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(Tim) Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, "The cruelest lies are often told in silence," and as I noted a week or so ago, it's been interesting to watch how the recent post about Emergency Contraception (sic) Pills, birth control, and abortion has been carefully avoided by men, but embraced by women. There are lessons here, one of which I think is that pastors today are about as concerned about the blood guilt of our sheep as the chief priests and elders were about the blood guilt of Judas when he came to them in anguish, confessing...

"I have sinned by betraying innocent blood.”

The shepherds responded to Judas, saying: “What is that to us? See to that yourself!”

If I didn't already know how resistant--often principled, even, in that resistance--pastors are to using the pulpit to care for sheep who have killed their unborn children or are thinking about doing so, the comments made under this post make the point yet again.

On the other hand, there are Titus 2 women who aren't avoiding warning against this great evil.

Among Biblical women who love the Lord, Ladies Against Feminism is well-known and read, and I've been greatly encouraged to see many readers coming to the post from that site. But more, I've been even more encouraged by the godly comments those women have been making under the post. Their words have strengthened my faith. What wonderful wives and sisters and mothers God has given us! Check out the comments yourself--especially the second page.