Among football men, pen and ink are alive and well...

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(Tim, w/thanks to Taylor) Pastors and elders, take a lesson from Peyton Manning. Sit down at your desk and write a thank you letter to your most helpful elder. To your pastor. To the wisest "older woman" or the most weary single mother in your flock.

Dad used to say a handwritten letter was...

a much better way to thank someone than a phone call. (Certainly than an e-mail or Facebook.) Too, Dad said the letter should be sent to the person's home so their wife (or husband) would read it and share in the joy.

Did you hear Peyton saying he'd lick his finger and rub the signature to see if the recruiting letter had a real signature?

Myself, I write with a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen using blue

or turquoise

ink on white Crane correspondence cards. The stamps are always carefully chosen.