Progressive Christmas dinner, then piano, bassoon, flute, and ocarina concert ...

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(Tim) Last night, the Bayly, Crum, Ummel, and Weeks housholds were joined by Seth Boles, Annie Hogue (and wee ones), Lizzie Wegener, and Dani Williams for our annual Christmas season progressive dinner here. We picked this tradition up from the Taylor clan (which now numbers about one hundred direct descendants of Dad and Mom Taylor).

We started with horse dovers at Joseph and Heidi's, then soup at Ben and Michal's, main course at Doug and Heather's (bread and drinks provided by Heather, with Mary Lee providing the filling stuff), followed by dessert at Lucas and Hannah's.

For music...

grandson Jonathan was joined by Aunt Heidi for a piano duet of a Christmas carol; then we moved to the Weeks where, as we all munched Christmas cookies and sipped cocoa with dollops of hand-whipped cream, Hannah played some Beethoven and Debussy and Heidi some Bach on the piano; then Heidi played some Scarlatti on the bassoon accompanied by Hannah on the piano; then the train almost screeched to a halt with Joseph playing the ocarina on his iPhone, but things got back on track with Michal playing her flute accompanied by Heidi on the piano; and we drew to a close with Heidi leading us in several Christmas carols.

It--both food and music--was a delicious sufficiency; any more would have been a superfluous redundancy.

And if you're keeping track, the grandchild count is now at six with several additions expected, Lord willing, this coming year.