Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

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(Tim) The emoting over Obama's blackness is cloying hypocrisy. If an African American ascending our Imperial Throne means anything, its meaning is bound up with the end of the oppression of a group of persons formerly declared not full persons under our Constitution due to the color of their skin.

Instead of learning the lesson of his skin color and descent, though, Obama glides into office on the blood of an entire generation of souls, red and yellow, black and white, who aren't enslaved, but slaughtered...

In numbers that, each year, dwarf the oppression of slavery.

I went to the blog of the son of a famous reformed personality and read as this son...

went on and on with his readers about their tears over Obama's soon-ascendancy, and what a symbolic victory this was for African Americans today. It was revolting.

What we ought to be teaching our children is the hypocrisy of whites and blacks celebrating this symbolic end of oppression as they dance on the bodies of millions of slaughtered babies they themselves have murdered.

And I write this as the son of a mother and father who stood firm against racism back in the early fifties when almost no other evangelicals were doing so, and liberals were deaf, dumb, and blind.

What we need today is no--I repeat, no more sentimentality, but true justice and love.

Blacks in our nation gain absolutely nothing with Barack Obama, except the coming damning indictment of history that one of their own took his place in promoting and providing the killers' propaganda for the most awful oppression of the helpless this world has ever known--an oppression that dwarfs the oppression members of his race have suffered.

If we'd elected J. C. Watts or Condi Rice, it may well have been different. If so, I'd be crying more from joy that we'd elected a strong savior for the oppressed than that our new president was African American. The symbolism of such a victory would be true and good.

As it is, it's false and awful.