The blog pays off...

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(Tim) Believe it or not, neither David nor I would rate the blog very high in our "Why I love the ministry" column. It's work we believe necessary, and it does have its rewards, but they're not usually of the warm fuzzy sort.

This weekend, though, the Bloomington side of the blog is getting a payoff that is, in fact, warm and fuzzy. For the first time, we're meeting our dear sister in the faith, Kamilla Ludwig, who's come for a visit. Last night she arrived in the middle of...

our church ballroom dancing group instruction. Afterwards, many introductions were made. People's faces lit up and they exclaimed, "You're Kamilla?!"

We already knew she was beautiful, but now we've seen her smile. And gentle? You bet.

Wish you all were here. It's like former feminist reunion week with all of us telling our own stories of how God brought us to repentance and Christian faith.