Barack Obama rocks XIX: Mugabe has killed his thousands, but Obama his millions...

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Mugabe385_354955a (Tim) Here's what I want to ask all the Christian profs fawning over the Christian faith of Senator Barack Obama as well as the Submergent types in lockstep with them: What possible criteria could you use to justify your claim that Senator Obama is a Christian that wouldn't also force you to affirm that Zimbabwe's thug leader, Robert Mugabe, is also a true Christian? Mugabe has killed his thousands, but Obama his millions.


If Obama wins the presidency, the slaughter he will preside over and promote is incomprehensibly larger than even the worst estimates of Mugabe's murderous regime--unless, of course, you are unconcerned about the murder of the newborn, feeble, and unborn children.

But if you are concerned, Mugabe has the innocence of  a child playing in a sandbox compared to the obsccenely wicked slaughter at the center of Senator Obama's campaign platform.

I'm betting most profs who assert that Senator Obama is a true Christian would deny Mugabe's Christian faith. So why the double standard? Why the universal condemnation of Mugabe by the same people given over to the adulation of Barack Obama? Isn't it amazing how Christians regain our moral compass and discernment as soon as the evil being evaluated and condemned is committed by people far away? Particularly Africans.

Last night, I read a profile of Robert Mugabe, the brutal dictator who's plunged his nation of Zimbabwe into death and destruction. He'd be up there near the top of heads of state around the world viewed as pariahs by other nation's leaders. Maybe the very top.

The New Yorker's profile written by Jon Lee Anderson is titled: "Letter from Zimbabwe, The Destroyer: A founding father lays waste to his country." Near the beginning, Anderson informs us Zim's inflation rate is now two hundred and thirty million percent, the unemployment rate is eighty percent, two million Zimbabweans are entirely dependent on aid from NGOs for their daily bread, another two million have fled Zim for refuge in South Africa, twenty percent of the population is infected with H.I.V./AIDS, life expectancy for men and women is about 44 years, starvation is rampant, leaders of political opposition groups are routinely imprisoned, beaten, and murdered, and the list goes on.

Meanwhile, wreathed in jewelry and forty years younger than her husband, Mugabe's second wife, Grace, says because of her narrow feet she can "only wear Ferragamo" shoes...

Known for her Imelda Marcos shopping splurges, she and her husband live in an elite suburb of Harare in a new twenty-five bedroom mansion. The entire nation has been swallowed up whole by Mugabe's violent, rapacious, and entirely corrupt rule in which his cronies and family members swallow the blood Mugabe sucks from his people.

But guess what? Mugabe confesses Jesus Christ. He claims to be a Christian. He's received Trinitarian baptism and regularly takes the Lord's Supper.

Protected by the patronage of his uncle, Mugabe's nephew, Leo, leads a cushioned life. Anderson spent quite a bit of time with Leo, and in the middle of Zim's present crisis, Anderson reports Leo saying:

No one is starving--they are driving nice cars! As a Christian, though, I think it is a challenge by God, and the attention being drawn to Zimbabwe is maybe to highlight that we are the new people of Israel, and that we have our own Moses (Robert Mugabe).

At this, Leo's voluptuous secretary sitting in on the interview "greeted the analogy with an exclamation of delight."

Unlike Christian profs and Submergent religious leaders in this country fawning over bloody Obama, Zim's top Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop Pius Ncube, speaks firmly and with great courage against his own bloody leader:

I believe government has reached a dangerous stage where it will do

anything to cling to power, even at the expense of the people. The

president, himself--I do not mind saying this--has lost his mind. How

can he be so cruel to his people in the winter season? They have stolen

the goods of the people... (T)his is absolutely evil; it shows that the

government will stop at nothing to get and keep power.

These people in government worship power. This thing is

demonic. Why did the Devil revolt against God? It is because of greed

and love of power. The hearts of those in government have been taken

over by the devil. ...for the sake of power he was prepared to sacrifice the lives

of the people.

Externally, these people [in the Mugabe regime] pretend to be

Christian, but dishonor God's teaching of loving another and look out

for one another, especially the poor and the weak. ...The country's leadership has shown their total heartlessness. ...They are cruel and heartless and will sacrifice the people.

He [Mugabe] does not apply his faith to his political governance of

the country. He totally ignores it. He is hypocritical

when it comes to that. Here is a man who goes to Mass, receives Holy

Communion, and speaks at church meetings but yet he does not respect

basic human rights. He goes to justify himself.

As far as I am concerned he (Mugabe has) shown himself to be

untruthful. He has been killing innocent people...

He is a murderer.

If the Christian profs and Submergent publicity hounds had one one-hundredth of the Biblical knowledge, spiritual courage, and faith of Archbishop Ncube, every word the good Archbishop said above would be on their lips day after day, hour by hour, as they warned our nation and the rest of the world against wicked Barack Hussein Obama.

Instead, they're shilling for him. It's always been that way:

They are fat, they are sleek, they also excel in deeds of wickedness; they do not plead the cause, the cause of the orphan, that they may prosper; and they do not defend the rights of the poor. "Shall I not punish these people?" declares the Lord, "On a nation such as this shall I not avenge Myself?"

An appalling and horrible thing has happened in the land: the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule on their own authority; and My people love it so! But what will you do at the end of it? (Jeremiah 5:28-31)