Our American-African correspondent summarizes the McCain/Palin debate...

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(Tim) Despite his false statement about yours truly (his daughter does live in our house, after all, so the man knows which side of his bread is buttered), I do think the comment just made by our Zambian Mission to the World correspondent, David Wegener, summarizing his conclusions to our lengthy discussion of Governor Palin's Vice-Presidential candidacy is about right. For those of you who've given up on the Palin comments, here's what David has to say:

* * *

As best I could, I’ve tried to follow the debate that has gone on here over Sarah Palin and how we should then vote. I haven’t done very well, nor of following the thread over on Pastor Wilson’s blog, but here are my two cents.

Sarah Palin is a very conflicted woman and I feel very conflicted about her. She is a Christian, a member of Feminists For Life, a wife and a mother who is running for Vice President. You can’t be a feminist and pro-life. Islam is built on five pillars...

and feminism is built on
several as well, one of them being abortion on demand. It’s not the
best analogy but trying to be a pro-life feminist is like being
pro-chicken but anti-feathers. You can’t really do it. Call this
Conflict #1.

She’s a Christian and a feminist. I won’t belabor this. Tim and
David and Pastor Wilson have written some of the most eloquent things
on this topic and I can’t even try to duplicate them. You can’t be both
feminist and Christian. Conflict #2.

She’s also a woman running for Vice President, possibly one day our
Commander-in-Chief. Talk about women exercising authority over men.
Talk about a country being punished when women rule. Talk about women
in the military. How about a woman over the military? This doesn’t work
at all, like being pro-chicken and anti-meat. Conflicts #3-#26, at

Palin is also a Christian wife and mother, vying for one of the
busiest jobs in America. Who will take care of little Trig? His next
oldest sister? She has trouble even taking care of his hair. Who will
counsel her daughters, just when they need it most? Who will send
emails and cookies to her son in Iraq? Who will support and build her
husband in his life and vocation and ministry? It won’t be Sarah Palin.
Conflicts #27-#45.

How should we then vote? I’ll vote McCain-Palin. Christians who vote
for Obama-Biden simply know not what they do. They are voting
pro-chicken but don’t realize that at the core of their being they are
anti-bird. Those who go third party or don’t vote at all seem to care
more about their own personal holiness and reputation then the greater
good of society and babies. Sarah Palin is just as bad a candidate as
John McCain, probably worse. Support them strongly and steadfastly. And
do so, realizing you and I may be saying in a few years, “they did it
to me again.”

* * *

About right, David, although I'd change it to "you and I *will likely* be saying in a few years..." Reminds me of Samuel Johnson's quip: "Why, Sir, most schemes of political improvement are very laughable things."