Slaughterhouse-Two hundred and fifty thousand (per year)...

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(Tim, w/thanks to Mark, James, and David)
Across the country, Christians should be refusing to participate in United Way campaigns that fund Planned Parenthood. It's not enough that some United Way chapters allow donors to specify certain charities or exclude others. We should have nothing to do with an organization that provides a single dollar of support for those making a living off the slaughter of unborn babies safely nestled in their mother's womb.

Planned Parenthood is wicked, ruthless, heartless, cruel, deceptive, bloodthirsty, and depraved. Planned Parenthood is also obscenely rich.

How many of your tax dollars will be used this year to fund these worshipers of Molech? Have you and the men of your church opposed that funding? Let's not be monkey see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil men.

To help in our recovery of the pure religion that is undefiled before God and the Father, here are some recent articles exposing the business end of Planned Parenthood...

First, these graphs doing the numbers as only The Wall Street Journal could. Turns out, Planned Parenthood ended this past year with a surplus of $100,000,000 on annual revenue of $1,000,000,000.

Second, another article from The Wall Street Journal detailing Planned Parenthood's expansion out of poverty services into the greener pastures of suburban shopping malls.

Third, a piece from National Review illustrating how those who throw out the big laws end up replacing them with thousands of little ones. National Review
reports a Massachusetts Planned Parenthood affiliate has made plans to
build a “green” clinic constructed of materials that are recycled or
otherwise environmentally friendly. Dianne Luby, president of the
Planned Parenthood's Bay State branch, is quoted saying: “we’re trying
to reposition ourselves as caring about their health, about prevention,
about a sustainable planet.”

A sustainable planet? Does the murder of somewhere around 75,000,000
unborn babies each year qualify us for "sustainable planet" status? And
if so, may I ask precisely what is it that's being sustained if coming
generations of the unborn are being slaughtered?

Jonathan Swift himself couldn't satirize this monstrosity.