The Fourth of July revisited...

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(Tim) Just before Dad died, we had dinner together at a restaurant. The occasion was later in the evening after Dad had defended the anti-abortion position (he preferred "anti-abortion" to "pro-life") at a forum on abortion held on the campus of Wheaton College. Some woman whose name escapes me did the pro-baby-slaughter thing--as a Christian, of course. As I recall, Dad was invited after they couldn't find anyone on campus who was willing to take the biblical position.

Dad did an admirable job and I was proud to be his son as we ate together later that night, father and son.

During the meal, I asked Dad what he thought about armed rebellion to end abortion?

He said he didn't think it was right.

I asked, "Why? We celebrate the Fourth of July, which means we
endorse armed rebellion to end financial oppression. Wasn't the battle
cry of the Revolutionary War, 'No taxation without representation?'
Maybe, as Christians, we shouldn't support the Revolutionary War or a
war to end abortion. That position would have some consistency. But to
celebrate the Fourth of July and oppose armed rebellion to end the
slaughter of millions of little babies? I don't get it."

Dad said he didn't agree with me. And that, dear friends, was that.