Women warriors aren't doing so well...

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(Tim) In an op-ed piece today, the New York Times is concerned about the results of the recent Rand Corporation study, Invisible Wounds of War, which found that "women suffer from higher rates of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression than men" after military deployment. Really.

We are a nation of idiots--callous, degraded, wicked idiots. We send our wives and daughters off to war and, when they come home emotional wrecks, we act surprised and blame it on the fact that one third of them were sexually assaulted or raped while they were deployed. Really.

I have compassion for these daughters, wives, and mothers, but my compassion makes me remember and ask that you all remember, also...

So let me remind our good readers that the presbyteries of
Metropolitan New York, Western Carolina (Asheville), and Northern
California (San Francisco) all communicated to the PCA General Assembly
a few years back their opposition to any Assembly action opposing women
in combat. For example, here's the 2002 communication to the Assembly from Northern California Presbytery:

Northern California Presbytery expresses disappointment with the use of General Assembly time in the consideration of the issue of women in combat. We understand the arguments stated, but believe General Assembly's time and resources are better focused elsewhere.

Have you noted, too, how often New York, Asheville, and San Francisco are seedbeds of godly reformation in sexual matters?