What Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright got right...

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(Tim) Speaking to the National Press Club this past Monday, April 28, 2008, Senator Barack Obama's former pastor, the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, forthrightly identified himself as a preacher of what he calls the Christian "gospel" of liberation. Or more specifically, the gospel of black liberation theology advocated by men such as Dr. James Cone which replaces salvation with liberation.

Here's a transcript of Dr. Wright's words. It's kind of rough slogging, since it hasn't been broken down into paragraphs, but it's fascinating, nevertheless. As a political ideology, it's not half bad. But as a statement of the Christian Gospel, Dr. Wright gets it right when he says,

...what we both mean when we say, I am a Christian, is not the same thing.

It would be possible to read Dr. Wright as saying only that the white man on the deck of the slaver and the black man below deck don't mean the same thing. Yet despite this being the immediate context of his statement above, the rest of his words indicate that his us vs. them extends far beyond slave owners and slaves, to the core of the Christian faith. Specifically...

there's no doubt in my mind Dr. Wright would also say that the
heterosexual who calls homsexuals to repent doesn't mean the same thing
when he says "I am a Christian" as the homosexual means when he says
it. And of course, the liberation Dr. Wright claims to be the heart of
the Christian Gospel message as it applies to sodomites doesn't quite
reach to the 1.3 million unborn children slaughtered by whites and
former slaves together in our land each year.

If you get a chance to read it, post your own comments concerning
why you would agree with Dr. Wright when he says what we mean when we
say "I am a Christian" is not the same thing as what he means.

By the way, yes, Dr. Wright is off his rocker when he spins his AIDS
conspiracy theory, but he speaks for many, many African Americans when
he says it. And this is one sad indication of the degree to which our
black neighbors are alienated from white society, that they would not
put it past us and our government to do such a thing. We bear a good
bit of responsibility for this and it should grieve us
deeply, particularly as Christians.

And yes, his "other sheep" comment and response to John 14:6 is a denial of the faith.