Syncretistic pressures on Navy chaplains...

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Under the Jeremiah Wright post, Al comments:

"One of the things that disturbed me most in my 20 year Navy career
was the number of Chaplains who walked around with crosses on their
sleeves, who claimed the name of Christ, yet had no love for Christ or
his Gospel.

"While in the Persian Gulf during Ramadan, onboard the USS Nimitz, I
was in my rack (bed, for you civilians) at evening prayer. The senior
Chaplain in the battle group came on the 1-MC (ship’s intercom) and
delivered these words: “Dear God, Yahweh, Jesus, Allah, Mother Earth…
you are known by many names…” I was dumbfounded by such blatant
syncretism and ripped open the curtain of my rack and everyone in the
berthing compartment (place where Sailors sleep) was staring at me...

"Even the lost guys knew there was something wrong with the prayer.
They looked for my response and it was then that I realized how much I
had lost when I gave up cussing.

"Pray for the faithful Chaplains in our Military.  They need much grace."

Speaking of faithful Navy chaplains, this is a picture of Rev. David
Crum who served as a chaplain in the Navy until he prayed exclusively
in Jesus' Name on his carrier's 1-MC. There's a reason men don't do it
after all. So yes, do pray for the faithful Navy chaplains. It's not
easy for them.

By the way, this was also an excuse for me to put up a pic of my
most-excellent son-in-law, Ben Crum, holding his son (Mary Lee's and my
grandson) Daniel Peregrine Crum, both standing next to Ben's wife and
our daughter, Michal Crum. They're in the back row surrounded by David
and Jill Crum's eleven children, three daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren on the occasion
of the marriage of David and Jill's second eldest son, Matthew, to Emily
(nee Ellsworth) Crum a couple of months ago here in Bloomington. We all had
a happy reunion.