Russel Moore: "I hate the term 'complementarian'..."

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(Tim, w/thanks to Chris) Here's an interesting statement by Southern Baptist Seminary's Russell Moore unburdening himself about the nomenclature of the sex battles; and more particularly, expressing his extreme dislike for the word 'complementarian' and preference for 'patriarchy.' He's exactly right.

Tune in at 29:45, and you will hear this:

Russell Moore: Gender identity and complementarianism... I hate ....the word 'complementarian', I prefer the word 'patriarchy'...

Again at 37:00 ff....

Mark Dever: So then, why is it you don't like the word complementarianism?

Russell Moore: Because complemnetarianism doesn't say much
more than the fact that you have different roles. Everyone agrees that
we have different roles, it just a question of on what basis you have
different roles? So an egalitarian would say, "Yeah, I'm a
complementarian too, it's on the basis of gifts." I think we need to
say instead, "No you have headship that's the key issue. It's
patriarchy, it's a headship that reflects the headship, the fatherhood
of God, and this is what it looks like, you then have to define what
headship looks like...

Mark Dever: So, Randy (Stinson of the Council on Biblical
Manhood and Womanhood), are you rewriting the CBMW materials to take
out the term complementarianism?

Best thing they could do, but don't hold your breath...