Christian father, how will your son fill his time during summer vacation?

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(Tim, w/thanks to Taylor) Son Taylor just sent me a link to this article from ESPN about spelling bee wiz, Samir Patel. It's an endearing portrait. I particularly appreciated this statement by his professor of government, Lou Bradizza, and thought Christian parents ought to think this way...


He (Samir) told me he wanted to get into the [technical] field, but I'm hoping
to change his mind. I think a really bright kid like that should be
steered into the humanities. If you look around the country, you'll
notice our planes are well maintained and fly and don't normally crash,
our doctors are competent and we've made big strides in computer
technology. But my view is when you have an extremely talented person,
the last thing we need is one more computer programmer. The fact that I
am thinking this way about him is an indication of how much promise I
see in him.