Our finishing school for young men...

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Here at Church of the Good Shepherd, we have what I call our "finishing school for young men." A deacon of our church, Bob Kaplowitz, is severely afflicted with cerebral palsy and needs to have help with the basics including feeding and clothing himself. So as long as he's lived in Bloomington, he's had a stream of men living with him who, in exchange for room and board, share caring for him. What a gift this is to our church and what husbands these men make for godly women!

Imagine marrying a man who spent the period of your engagement feeding, clothing, bathing, and translating for a Christian brother. What kind of character would this build in your future husband? What kind of father would he make?

This month, a local magazine (H&L) did a piece on Bob's House, Bobbites, and the remodeling one of our elders, Tim Wegener, did for Bob. It's an excellent article...

featuring not only Bob, but also Lucas Weeks--the man our third
daughter, Hannah, will be marrying in a couple months if God wills.

Check it out;
it's a good read. I'm so grateful to the Lord for the service Bob does
our church in so many ways; but particularly, in humbling himself to be
served so the men of our church may become the kind of husbands,
fathers, elders, pastors, and deacons that will lead with courage and
humility. (I'd call them "servant leaders," but the term's been ruined
by the charlatans who use it to mean little service and no leadership.)

(Picture of Bob with Lucas holding Bob's favorite cookbook.)

(NOTE: When you click on the text above, "Check it out," you're automatically downloading a PDF file of the magazine article. If you can't find it, you may want to search for "Bob_aricle.pdf". Yes, that's without the 't'.)