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(Tim) So Alisa Harris comes to this blog to post a comment identifying herself as the feminist who, at a meeting of the Fairfield Society at Hillsdale College, attacked Scripture's teaching on sexuality. Her sin exposed by former Fairfield Society member, David Talcott, Ms. Harris took to her blog to defend herself against Mr. Talcott's critique and posted a comment here announcing and linking to her defense. Trouble was, she banned comments under her own blog post so I pulled her link to that post. Then I wrote her to ask that she let me know when she lifted the ban so I could put her link back up again.

Sadly, Ms. Harris isn't going to repent of her trendy rebellion against God's Word, nor is she going to allow anyone to respond to her post. I just received this E-mail response to my offer to put the link back up:

Actually, thanks for taking the link down. I realize it may look cowardly on my part, but I decided I definitely don't want to get into a heated theological debate over the Internet.

Ms. Harris is the latest editor added to the World magazine zine. And here, in her own words, are Ms. Harris' principles...

(Here's) what an evangelical
feminist really believes... If my assertions seem unsupported, it’s because I’ve
found that the biggest battle is getting people to argue what I believe instead of what secular feminists believe.

An evangelical feminist believes that husband and wife submit to
each other... An evangelical feminist
believes that fixed, rigid gender roles push dads away (from their children)...

An evangelical feminist sees the illogic of saying women are equals
and treating them like inferiors. An evangelical feminist believes
...we have more in common as human beings than we have unlike as
beings. An evangelical feminist believes ...that the church may ordain
anyone — male or
female — who is called and qualified to teach.

An evangelical feminist also believes that if you apply the
hermeneutic of patriarchy, slavery is actually “the clearest ethical
teaching in the entire New Testament.” An evangelical feminist also
knows that the whole of the Bible erodes the idea of ("gendered") subordination...

For those who would like to welcome Ms. Harris to her new position as
Assistant Editor of World's zine, World on the Web, here's the place to do it.