Our dogs, ourselves...

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(by Tim) Yoohoo! Earth to Richmond! Someone needs to speak up for Michael Vick and tell all the wackos outside the courthouse dissing him that he has the right to do what he wants with his dog. If he wants to electrocute or shoot his pit bull, that's his choice and some group of old white men have no right making laws against it, let alone arresting and making a public spectacle of him before the watching world.

I mean, Vick isn't forcing anyone else to electrocute their dog. He's just exercising his very personal choice to do what he wants with his own dog.

Think about it. Any idiot can see dogs aren't fully persons. They can't write or converse or take philosophy courses. In fact, aside from Princeton's Peter Singer, few people in their right minds would put a dog on the same level even as an unborn or newborn child. And there's no law against killing babies, is there?

It's hypocrisy for the PETA wackos to have a hissy-fit over Vick electrocuting his dog while, at the same time, defending his right to use knives to cut up, and then an Electrolux to suck out of his wife's womb, his unborn baby.

And really, think of all the unwanted dogs wandering city streets...

this very day when the temperature across the country is above
ninety degrees and the relative humidity is near one hundred percent.
Ask yourself the question: If you were a dog, would you want to live an
unwanted life, regularly spending the day in a hot car or exposed to
the hot sun in the back yard with no water dish nearby? What if you
could choose between that pitiful existence and going out in style,
another pit bull doing what God made him to do--namely, sinking his
teeth into your neck and hanging on until you roll over, dead? Is there
even one among us who wouldn't chose death with dignity?

As the august Justice Stevens would say, if we take away Michael Vick's ability to make these most personal
of all decisions, what kind of meaningful existence would he have left?

Where are the emenations and penumbras when you really need them?--that's what I'd like to know.