Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando) and evangelical feminism...

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A few weeks ago, President Frank James and his wife, Carolyn Custis James, sent the above letter to RTS students encouraging them to register for a seminar sponsored by Mrs. James' Whitby Forum, The Impact Movement, Campus Crusade for Christ, and Reformed Theological Seminary. The April 13-15 seminar titled, "Mission Critical: Women on the Frontlines for the Gospel," will be led by Drs. Alice Matthews and Diane Langberg, and Mrs. James...

Dr. Alice Matthews, a former professor of educational and women's ministries at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, is one of the founders of the evangelical feminist organization, Christians for Biblical Equality, whose identity statement, signed by Dr. Matthews (among many others), includes a number of pronouncements like this:

5. The Bible teaches that the rulership of Adam over Eve resulted from the Fall and was therefore not a part of the original created order. Genesis 3:16 is a prediction of the effects of the Fall rather than a prescription of God's ideal order.

The Jameses identify Dr. Diane Langberg as "an expert on gender violence." This past weekend, Dr. Langberg spoke at Covenant Seminary on the subject, "Beyond Closed Doors: The Abuse of Power in Marriage, the Church, and Other Relationships." Then there is Carolyn Custis James, about whom we have already said enough.

A member of the RTS community sent us this announcement and we thought it would be good for a woman with a biblical commitment to God's order of sexuality to attend and write up a report.