Cool dudes or a pregnant mother of four: evangelicals, take your pick...

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-posted by Tim Bayly

So, twice in three days, I was depressed hearing about the influence of a certain cool dude's ear-scratching book telling everyone how wise he is at meeting the culture where it's at, and how unutterably stupid the Church is. Oh, how weary I grow of these Bible-betraying fools and their sycophants. They sell out to the world and call it thinking biblically. They betray the Lord and call it God's new thing. They are cowards and call it tact--sometimes even evangelism!

But do they bear one iota of resemblance to the Apostle Paul? No, the thought of them being lashed or stoned is laughable. The world wouldn't bother.

Well, God just reminded me that there are still many who have not bowed the knee to Baal. He has promised that the gates of Hell will not prevail against His Church and He's always faithful to His promises. How was I reminded? I came across this most excellent comment by one of Mom Taylor's granddaughters under my tribute to Mom on her 90th birthday.

May God give us many more mothers like Leslie Taylor. But more, may He fill His Church with Titus 2 women who WILL teach the younger women of the church to be godly women, and therefore godly wives and mothers. If Leslie is the kind of woman evangelical feminists are trying to push into the pulpit, I say "You go, girl!"

Here's Leslie's comment:

It is tragic that home economics has largely disappeared because I am convinced that being a mother requires more education and training than any other occupation.

One of the most noticeable effects of feminism is how unprepared and clueless many of today's mothers are (and I was one of them). I know that there have always been spoiled children and clueless mothers all throughout history, but what is going on in America today is an epidemic of enormous proportions, and the church is no haven.

When Christopher [her husband] and I left the park with the kids yesterday...

he commented that the parenting going on there reminded him of day-time T.V. (The Maury Show, Dr. Phil, etc.) There were out-of-control children everywhere throwing tantrums and mothers who had no clue how to handle the little monsters (he's just lucky he missed our niece's birthday party at Chucky Cheese's last Saturday).

When I was sitting in the OB waiting room a couple of weeks ago, there was a mother with a two-year old. The mother called her daughter to come, as her name had just been called, and--miracle of miracles--the little girl quickly started throwing the toys into a basket before coming. The mother was amazed: "It's this new thing they're teaching her at daycare (she used the word school which I refuse to use). Now all of the sudden she's all about cleaning up her toys. I can't believe it!"

I got the idea that what was going through most people's minds in the waiting room was: isn't day-care such a great thing! What was going through my mind was: what a pity that mothers are so clueless about child training these days that they are in awe of a two-year-old who can pick up her toys and that childcare centers are the only ones who are doing any child training.

I had a similar experience when I was at a park with a few other families and a daycare group. When it was time for each family to leave, each toddler pitched a giant fit for each mother. When it was time for the 20 daycare kids to get on their daycare bus, not one of them pitched a fit. "Now see how positive a thing daycare is," no doubt would be the reaction of many onlookers. I say: look how untrained, unprepared, and unwise today's mothers are. The daycare center workers had to at least take a few classes on child developement. The mothers are clueless.

All the qualities that make a woman a competent mother never come naturally. A few of the abilities may, such as nurturing, but when such is the case, the mother will be prone to be indulgent. To have all of the necessary character traits, in balance, is something that must be learned. The best way of learning was back when large families were the norm, the older ones observed their mother with the younger ones. Often the youngest child could then learn from observing her older sister with her kids (the youngest in my family was 12 when I had my kids, a great age to be learning about childrearing, although I needed to be taught myself.)

There appears to be a cycle of ignorance instead of instruction perpetuating itself: mother passes down ignorance to daughter. Daughter feels incompetent at mothering and sends baby to daycare. Baby grows up knowing nothing about mothering and sends her baby to daycare so she can learn to pick up her own toys. Mother doesn't know how to teach babies to do things. Her mother never taught her those things. Maybe babies do need professionals.

If change is going to happen in this culture, it's going to start in the church. It's going to start with the older women teaching the younger women how to love their husbands, love their children, and be busy at home. Yes, we have to be taught how to love our children! We cannot rely on our baby boomer, anti-authority, hippie moms to teach us how to love and be an authority to our children. It has to come from spiritual mothers. May God raise up many of these older women in the church!

[Sorry so long; I'm never brief.]