Evangelicalism breaking out all over....

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From the New York Times, an article on the spirituality of Planned Parenthood. Imagine a group of "clergy" led by a Presbyterian minister praying for the grace to understand and respect the convictions of their foes. Only, the foes in this instance are abortion opponents and clinic protestors and those "praying" are clergy supporters of abortion. Rev. MacColl, the Presbyterian pastor who addressed Planned Parenthood's prayer breakfast, sounds like an upstanding graduate of an Evangelical seminary.

Mr. MacColl said of (an) abortion protester: "She would, I suspect, count herself a lover of life, a lover of the unborn, a lover of God. And yet she spoke in harshness, hatred and frightened a little child."

Mr. MacColl quoted the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr: " 'Sometimes the worst evil is done by good people who do not know that they are not good.' "

The crowd murmured its assent.

Then Mr. MacColl challenged them. "The trouble is, I find myself reflected in that woman," he said. "Because I can get trapped in self-righteousness and paint those who oppose me in dark colors they do not deserve. Is that, at times, true of you, as well?"

This time, people were silent.

And, again from the Times, a further example of Evangelicalism permeating culture, this time Jewish synagogues picking up on Evangelicalism's hipster marketing techniques:

"...Jewish religious leaders, driven by fears about shrinking numbers, are becoming increasingly sophisticated and aggressive about marketing Judaism, turning to the same kinds of outreach techniques that evangelical Christians rode to mega-church success."

Check out this NY Times video on the synagogue's planter and ask yourself whether it doesn't sound like a young PCA church planter explaining his vision for the "city" and "culture." Replace "synagogue" with "church" and "Judaism" with "Presbyterian" and one might assume this was a PCA plant.

Man, I'm so happy to be part of a church that is consciously targeting American culture.