Dear Readers....

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Dear Readers,

If you think the best writing and thinking is taking place on the front page of this blog you're mistaken.

The best is on the inside. Even when I vehemently disagree I frequently find the comments on our posts better-expressed and richer than the initial post which spawned the comments.

For examples, please see the comments on the following recent posts:

Modest Yet Modern

Who Killed Motherhood?


Will the Papal Ban on Women's Ordination Stand?

Thanks to all of you who have helped Tim and me write this blog.

I will add several links to readers' blogs you may find of interest later this evening.


Here are several interesting blogs:

Joel Martin's On the Other Foot

(Joel, a convert to RCC, works for a newspaper in the Pacific Northwest. This is a relatively recent blog and he won't be able to sustain the writing he's been doing and remain married and employed at the same time. But it's been a fun ride up till now. By the way, Joel, Mormonism DENIES the one thing you and I have in common, the person and work of Jesus Christ. Don't start down that road. Mormonism is a sub-Christian religion.)

Eric Rasmusen's Weblog

(Eric is a professor of economics and public policy at Indiana University)

Perhaps there are others out there I'm unaware of. Let me know.