MacWorld San Francisco 2005

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With half an hour to go until Jobs does his job, I'm hoping Apple releases the machine everyone's holding his breath about--the $500 headless Macintosh. We've all got old monitors stuffed into our closets or garage and it only makes sense for Apple to capitalize on all the iPod users bringing to market something that competes with the low end of the PC world.

Well, we'll soon see...

And by the way, I work on a 15" Aluminum Powerbook (G4), web browser is Firefox, E-mail client is Eudora, Bible program is Online Bible (yes, I'm gnashing my teeth at the lack of a System X update), cell phone is Sony/Ericsson T637 (it's updated using bluetooth to sync it with my Now Contact database; E-mail and blogging are done on the road using Bluetooth on Cingular's network), and I use an external OWC firewire drive for mirror backups.